Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A semi-prolife Clinton?

Or maybe that's what Hillary wants the swing voters in Ohio thinking come 2008.

I was going to post something original on this article regarding Hillary's speech but some bloggers are already all over this. After Abortion, World Mag Blog, and 10 ft. 2 ft. from the prolife side. BushvChoice from the pro-choice side.

Michelle Malkin has more on the Senator's use of Glen Stassen's faulty use of faulty statistics. How many times does the faulty use of faulty statistics have to be refuted. Type "stassen" and "abortion" into any search engine and you get a ton of blogs and websites that refute him. But here we have a U.S. Senator (who probably has a fairly large staff) who is still using these faulty statistics. Come on Clinton staffers, get to work! I could make a joke about Monica here but I'll pass.


  1. I posted a comment to BushvChoice, but wanted to say a word here too... THANK YOU for the trackback, and for talking about this issue with your readers as well. I'm in Indiana and I can tell you I'm praying for my neighbors in Ohio too. In fact, I'll add HC to my prayers too since she obviously needs the guidance.

  2. No problem Natalie. Thanks for blogging about the abortion issue and visiting my blog.

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  4. I'm neither pro-choice nor pro-life. But I'm pro-free-life! Check out www.ProFreeLife.com.