Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines

Dawn Eden pointed me to this post by Jeff Geerling where he discusses his annoyance with some of the headlines for news stories about the March for Life.

Headlines included:
* "Anti-abortionists pledge to fight on"
* "Abortion foes march in capital"
* "Abortion foes rally in Washington"
* "Abortion Foes Get Call From Bush"

I thought I'd look for headlines regarding the pro-choice March for Women's Lives back in April of 2004.

This is what I found:

Thousands march in D.C. to protest 'war on women
Huge Abortion Rights Rally In D.C.
Huge abortion rights rally: Hundreds of thousands in D.C. pledge to take fight to polls
Women's Rally Draws Vast Crowd
D.C. rally on rights fills Mall

These article headlines before the March for Women's Lives:

Abortion rights backers head for Capitol Mall
Women's Marchers, City Gear Up for Mega-Rally

Notice how the size of the prolife rally is never mentioned in the headlines while words like "huge," "thousands," "vast," and "Mega" describe the pro-choice march. Prolifers are "abortion foes" while pro-choicers are "abortion rights backers."

What liberal media bias?

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