Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Sarcasm and Satire

Doug Bandow has a column at Townhall that asks "Can Democrats be pro-life?" and mentions this post by the satirical BlameBush blog.

Liberal blogger Atrois is linking to this blog that links to Bandow's column and seems to copy and paste part of the article.

It appears as though Bandow's column has been changed (on his realization that BlameBush is satrical) or that TBogg has posted something that wasn't in Bandow's column. TBogg calls Bandow an "(expletive) tool" for not realizing that the site is satire.

The real funny/sad thing is that the liberals (Atrois and TBogg) don't understand how closely the language and arguments of abortion rights activists mirror and parrot the satirical arguments of BlameBush. Numerous people who posted comments on BlameBush's post were equally appalled/fooled by the language that was used.

Why? Because prolifers hear those kinds of ridiculous arguments all the time so when you don't know its satire, it doesn't seem like satire. Bandow isn't a tool for not knowing BlameBush is satire (though he should have checked), pro-choicers and liberals who actually use that kind of rhetoric are the real tools.

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