Friday, January 14, 2005

The Report Is In

NARAL's state by state report card for access to abortion services is in. America has a D-. Too bad our country doesn't have an F. Every year, state prolife groups fight to have the lowest grade on NARAL's report card.

My home state, Michigan got an F and were ranked the 45th worst. Personally, I think we deserve at least 47th. We're better than those Buckeyes. I mean, come on NARAL we supposedly have a "near-total ban on abortion".

How is Kentucky 50th? In Americans United for Life's last report, Kentucky was 12th overall and got a B. I can see why Mississippi is down there on NARAL's report considering they only have one abortion clinic in the entire state.

Are there any Kentucky prolifers willing to state their case for the honor of being #50 on NARAL's report card?

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