Thursday, January 20, 2005

"I'm Gonna be a Famous Singer Someday"

Ummm.. No, you're not.

"I can sing another song if you want me to."

Please no, I beg you.

Sonspot basically sums up some of my feelings on American Idol. Last night, my wife and I were mostly watching "Lost" but on commercials would flip to AI. I've seen all the bad singers before but I'm always amazed that after watching hundreds of people embarass themselves on national television and be ridiculed by Simon, there are still hundreds of people out there who think they're good singers when they can't hit a single note.

I really wonder if some of these people are paid by Fox to do this or are people who intentionally sing bad and cause a ruckus to get on national television. Or do these people have no one in their lives to sit them down and tell them, "You're a bad singer. Your voice is terrible. You shouldn't waste hours sitting in line to make a fool of yourself."

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