Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Boxer gets knocked out

Captain's Quarters is providing a knockout punch to Senator Barbara Boxer's statements during Condolezza Rice's confirmation hearing.

How can this woman be a Senator? Doesn't she have aides that could write better stuff than this? Maybe she needs some new aides.

La Shawn Barber has more.

Aramando at the liberal blog Daily Kos states, "Certainly Senator Barbara Boxer held Dr. Rice to account as she told us she would yesterday afternoon." Do you mean made a fool of herself to anyone willing to check?

He also has an interview with Boxer that has some more of her usual banter including:

"California and other states have filed a lawsuit against that law because it totally interferes with their rights to protect a woman's right to choose."

She's talking about this legislation which stops health care providers from being forced to perform abortions.

Boxer made some ridiculous claims back then:

"The provision could affect millions of American women, according to Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California, who warned Friday that she would use procedural tactics to slow Senate business to a crawl if the language was not altered."

Here's old debate between Senator Santorum and Senator Boxer via New Covenant.

Hat tip: Between Two Worlds

The Opinion Journal has more on January 19. Including:

Ignorance is actually the more charitable explanation for Boxer's misrepresentation of the resolution's contents. If in fact she did read it, her own integrity is a matter of question.

And here's another apparent Boxer falsehood:

You never even mention indirectly the 1,366 American troops that have died. . . . And 25 percent of those dead are from my home state.

According to, the number of California servicemen who've died is 157, which is about 11.5% of the total, less than half the proportion Boxer claimed.

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