Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lydia update

As of late Monday night, Lydia, the young woman considering abortion even though she is against abortion, says she has decided to have an abortion.
I know adoption is an option, but I know myself enough to know I will become more attached to the child and will ultimately decide to keep it, which may not be a good decision at all.
I cannot risk that.
It is our child and we have decided to abort it......

I do hope Jordan loves me as much as I feel he does and maybe our relationship will grow again and last. I hope it does and if it does, I hope when we're ready we can try again and know that we did it right.

Jordan, Lydia's boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/father of the child, has shown up in the comments section of this post by Lydia to swear at the people trying to persuade Lydia not to abort and adds this bit of wisdom.
"because yeah, im 16 and im smarter than all of you.

and thats not my opinion."

Jordan also has his own blog (language warning).

"If I have an abortion, I lose everything"
Help for Lydia

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