Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Those deceptive pregnancy centers

For those interested in the hullabaloo about the pregnancy center in Indiana which according to Planned Parenthood deceived, lured, and harassed a pregnant 17-year-old girl, I've come across a 2004 journalism project by a student at the University of Indiana named Rachel Conner which included a story about and pictures of the inside/outside of the pregnancy center in question.

After viewing the pictures of the inside and outside of this clinic, I have an extremely difficult time believing that anyone (much less a girl, her mother, and her boyfriend) could mistake this pregnancy center (filled with prolife brochures) for a Planned Parenthood.

UPDATED: John from the Generations for Life blog has taken the time to call the Indianapolis Police Department to see if they had any records that would corroborate Planned Parenthood's version of events. He says they came up with nothing. If I was a pro-choicer right now, I think I'd be questioning why Planned Parenthood has provided no evidence to support the version of events in their story and why the evidence seems to be stacking against them. I'd also be wondering why this girl and her mother and Planned Parenthood would let the CPC in question get away with that kind of harassment and never complain to the authorities.

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