Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"If I have an abortion, I lose everything."

An 18-year-old named Lydia is says she'll make a final decision regarding her pregnancy today. From an entry on her blog it appears that her father threatened to move out of the house if she didn't have an abortion. In another entry it appears he's changed his mind. It also seems that the father of the child wants her to have an abortion. Most of her postings are speaking to the father of the child.

Some notable quotes from some of her various posts:

"If I have an abortion, I lose everything."

"I'm sorry you can't see how passionate I am about life. How precious life is. How perfect it is when it's formed. I'm sorry I cherish and almost worship that and my morals. I'm sorry I love someone I haven't even met yet, and that's wrong in your eyes."

"I guess the only choice I have to make you happy is to abort.
I'll abort our life we made, that possibly came around at the wrong time, but I saw it was a blessing in disguise...it was a hindering object to you.
I'll let it go.
But, if it goes, so do I. I cannot live knowing that I went through with an ultimate sin against my heart.
I cannot live knowing death of the innocent makes you think everything will be okay.
Nothing will be perfect.
I'm not perfect."

"I am selfish for keeping a life?
Isn't it selfish to kill it just for the sake of getting out of the consequences?
I think so....
If I do lose you then I'll still die happy, because I'll still have a piece of you that I will carry and nurture and love forever.
I promised I would love you until the sun forgets to rise or set and I'm keeping that promise.
No matter how hard this is on me, no matter how you still tell me that my eyes are amazing, I cannot be phased.
I am keeping it.
I will love and support it."

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