Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What kind of support?

Aspen Baker, founder of Exhale , had an editorial in yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer regarding her after-abortion-support talk line.

The National Advisory Council to Exhale (listed in their annual report) is made up of a number of pro-choice leaders like Frances Kissling and Carlton Veazey. Another member of the advisory council, Anne Baker (perhaps one of Aspen's relatives?) is the director of counseling at an abortion clinic in Illinois.

In her editorial, Aspen Baker notes that some of the people who call are prolife. I wonder what kind of support Exhale provides to prolife women who deeply regret their abortion. What coping strategies are given to women who recognize they helped to end the life of their own child? Are their feelings accepted by Exhale's counselors or are prolife women who regret their abortion given coping strategies which ignore these feelings? Would Exhale ever refer these women to post-abortion organizations which are prolife?

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