Thursday, May 11, 2006

Catholic school teacher who was fired for being an abortion clinic escort has a one-woman show

And it's called "Baby-Killer." The story is from the May 5th Scene section of the Sacramento Bee. I had to phony register to read the story (registered name is "billsmith7," password is "billsmith" if they give you any trouble) which is also reproduced on the blog of Katelyn Sills, the student who was unjustly expelled from Loretto High School after her mom shared Marie Bain's abortion advocacy with administrators and Catholic leaders.

For those of you who don't remember the story, teacher Marie Bain was fired from Loretto after it was revealed that she volunteered as an abortion clinic escort.

Bain, a "self-proclaimed private person," describes her play by saying, "The play is about one year in my life. It's about when and why and how I started volunteering, through my hiring and firing at Loretto. In the play, I sing and dance. It's entertainment. I'm not giving a speech." The play will take place at Sacramento's YWCA for three Saturdays in May.

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