Thursday, April 27, 2006

Help for Lydia

Please pray for Lydia or try to help her. I discussed Lydia's situation in the post below.

Even though Lydia is against abortion, it appears from a recent entry on her blog that she may have scheduled an appointment at an abortion clinic for Tuesday. Lydia is under a lot of pressure to abort.

She comments in one of her posts:
All I am told on a daily basis is how I am going to ruin my life because I have not even graduated from high school, though I will in June.
Everyone keeps telling me it will be hard on me to balance college and a baby and then later have to balance a baby and a career.

The only ones here to help me and assist me in any way are my friends and most of them are turning their heads now. I have no where to go if I keep my child and I am being looked down on because I do not believe in abortion.

Everyone is on my back at every second they have a chance to shove the idea of abortion down my meak throat; no matter how hard I try to get them to understand, they just say I'm too immature and I cannot do it.

I pray every day for someone to just send me a sign and let me know I can do this and I haven't received anything.

My ex boyfriend and father of my baby will not have me if I have our child and that kills me inside. I feel like he cannot love me enough to love something of our own creation and for that I am a failure.

I'm just so confused. I cannot raise a child without any support from my family or my baby's father or his family.

As much as I don't approve the idea, I am ultimately going to be a murderer in my eyes and I can't change anyone's heart enough to get them to see that with clarity.

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