Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Life Links 5/3/06

Rachel provides some Myths and Facts about Pregnancy Resource Centers.

Eric Cohen discusses the reasonableness of President Bush's stem cell policy and the unreasonableness of his critics.

There is a new pro-choice web site focused on how men deal with abortion. It's and has a section where men can share their abortion stories.

Jill from Feministe posts Nicholas Kristof's recent column on emergency contraception. Ross Douthat responds to Kristof's column and a post from Andrew Sullivan regarding this column. If anyone is interested I did a scatter graph to compare a state's contraception rating from the Alan Guttmacher Institute with the abortion rate by residence from the CDC's 2002 abortion survelliance report. I used occurrence abortion rates for California and New Hampshire from 1997 since those are the most recent/accurate numbers available. As you can see there isn't a whole lot of correlation between having a high contraception ranking from the AGI and having a low abortion rate.

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