Thursday, May 25, 2006

Life Links 5/25/06

Eric Cohen on how the steam that was powering the push for more federally-funded embryonic stem cell lines seems to have puffed out.

Richard Doerflinger also has a long article in the New Atlantis about cloning and stem cell research which I might have linked to before.

It appears that sex-selection abortion is occurring Canada at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.
The one example offered was the case of "Mary" who already has four boys and wants a girl. The memo states, "during her routine 18 week ultrasound was told she is carrying another boy. She would like to terminate the pregnancy and try one more time for a girl."

If it's "her body, her choice" I have trouble seeing how advocates of legal abortion could oppose allowing someone from having an abortion based on the reason behind the decision. It's still "her choice" even if the reason behind it is grotesque, no?

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