Monday, May 08, 2006

Life Links 5/8/06

A pregnant woman in Virginia shot herself in the stomach the day she was going to give birth in order to kill her unborn child.

Littlest Naaman was successfully born! Give Naaman your congratulations if you get a chance.

Mark Steyn discusses a variety of things including abortion, churches, communities, Ramesh Ponnuru's Party of Death and Tim Horton's donuts.

Arlen Specter and Rick Santorum are teaming up on alternative methods of stem cell research. What's with this article? The first paragraph says, "Rick Santorum (R., Pa.) yesterday called for federal funding of research that would involve creating an altered human embryo - one that could yield precious stem cells but not implant in a uterus" and then the third paragraph says, "Santorum said these methods would not involve destroying embryos and would be "non-controversial." Gotta love reporters.

A long article on the University of California-San Francisco attempts at human cloning in the San Francisco Chronicle. Instead of trying to find donors to donate eggs, researchers will be using eggs which failed to fertilize during IVF.

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