Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"He didn't seem to care about me or the baby I was aborting."

A young woman shares her abortion experience where she was surprised by her insensitive abortionist.

Some excerpts:
As I stared at the cieling taking deep breaths he rushed in. I opened my mouth to introduce myself with a nervous laugh but he quickly smiled and nodded and pulled the ultra sound machine near the bed. The funny nurse hurried in to be by my side - thank god.
He didn't even introduce himself, not a how are you, not a hello I don't think. He told me to pull the blanket down and hold it. I did what he said afraid he would yell at me....

At this point I tried to inch my head forward to see it but he shut the screen off and wiped the gel off me. He told me to move forward on the bed, kind of confused I put my feet up. He stopped me and was like "no. listen to me. move forward so that your laying lower on the bed." I told him I'm sorry and that I was scared, he was like "well, your not listening to a word I'm saying, just calm yourself."...

I didn't enjoy the doctor. It didn't hurt at all, I had some mild cramps today and very little blood actually. Yet, the fact that the doctor was so insensitive to me was somewhat depressing. I ended up crying earlier this evening because of it and how he didn't seem to care about me or the baby I was aborting.

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