Monday, February 14, 2005

A response to Keenan

Serge has a great response to this letter from NARAL's Nancy Keenan that calls on prolifers to help NARAL prevent abortions.

I'm still wondering why NARAL wants to reduce the # of abortions. Why would America be a better country if no women ever faced the difficult choices posed by an unintended pregnancy? Would America be a better country if no man ever faced the difficult choices posed by the menu at Taco Bell? Chili chesse burrito or nacho bell grande? That sounds terribly trivial compared to abortion (and it is) but why is it trivial while abortion isn't?

The simple answer is because a human being's life is involved. If the life of a human being wasn't at stake then why is abortion a difficult decision? If abortion doesn't take the life of human being then it seems like a mere surgical procedure that involves a certain amount of risks to the woman (as almost every surgical procedure does) but would be a way (though somewhat costly) to prevent unintended pregnancies and the birth of an unplanned child that would cost a lot more than $400.

It's also funny to claim you want to reduce abortions but at the same time be in favor of having tax dollars pay for abortions and be upset about there not being enough access to abortion. That's like saying, "let's work together to reduce drug use but I think that poor people should be able to acquire cocaine for free and we should have distribution centers in every Walgreen's."

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