Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Columnist Sheryl McCarthy vs. Reality

I just came across one of Sheryl McCarthy's recent columns and it makes me so glad that I spend time reading blogs by people who don't get paid instead of reading the garbage spewed forth by overpaid columnists who are either too lazy to do any research or just like to lie.

She claims that Dobson is upset about the video featuring cartoon stars and the We Are Family website because the video "shows SpongeBob SquarePants holding hands with his pal, a starfish."

McCarthy then continues by saying, "Attacking a beloved cartoon character shows just how crazy religious conservatives can be. They're especially obsessed with sexual matters, such as reproductive issues and homosexuality."

Did Dobson attack SpongeBob? Has McCarthy actually read any of Dobson's statements? Or is she just erecting a heinously poor strawman argument?

As far as I've seen Serge at Imago Dei has been covering this issue better than anyone with posts here and here.

If you take the time to actually read what Dobson has said you'll realize that McCarthy either has no clue what she is talking about or would rather lie than actually confront a reasoned argument.

Feel free to e-mail Ms. McCarthy at to help her get her facts straight.


  1. Hi JivinJ!

    You might like to know that I did some cache diving on the We Are Family Foundation’s web site. You can see the results on my own weblog. The bottom line is that Dr. Dobson’s charges are true.

  2. Thanks for your cache diving work and providing the link to your blog. It was good reading.

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  4. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Hello Sheryl McCarthy---I am Carole Gregory, the woman who just saw you near City Hall. Our school, BMCC, has a copy of your article posted on our bulletin board. The article is "The Value of a CUNY Education: Priceless," May 23, 05. Wonderful!

    Please get back to me and tell me where I can write you a letter, Sheryl. Thanks- Carole Gregory