Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Blogging for Michael

I came across the following scary quote at Rangel MD.

"Despite what you hear in the press about Michael Schiavo ("he sued the doctors for a million dollars and now he is after her life insurance . . he doesn't want her around anymore because he has a girlfriend a new child") he remained by her side for eight years without getting a divorce and when it became clear that Terri's condition was not going to improve and knowing what he did about her wishes he petitioned the court to act as surrogate to decide what to do."

Remained by her side for 8 years? Posting do not resuscitate orders, ordering doctors not to treat Terri's infection, living with another woman, trying to get her feeding tube removed, and denying Terri rehabiliative treatment aren't really what I would consider remaining by someone's side.

Think about how scary this world would be if we all had people like Michael Schiavo to remain by our sides. Can a rational person actually believe that a man who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars earmarked to care for his wife on attorneys in order have his wife killed really cares about her?

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