Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Oh no, he didn't

Ted Rall is back at it with this column on bloggers.

He ends with:

"Bloggers are ordinary people, many of them uneducated and with nothing interesting to say. They're sitting in their rec rooms, regurgitating and spinning what real journalists have dug up through hard work. They don't have sources, they don't report, and no one holds them accountable when they make mistakes or flat out lie. Yeah, there's a new sheriff in town. Unfortunately he's drunk, he's mean, and he works for the bad guys."

They don't have sources? Yeah, it's not like bloggers can link to information or interview people. Only real journalists can do that.

Captain Ed, who is the main blogger Rall mentions, fires back with this:

"Unfortunately, Rall appears ideologically unable to coexist with the truth, but as anyone who has had the unpleasant experience of reading Rall in the past knows, that condition appears incurable in his case. Rall doesn't really even have enough of a connection to reality to enrage; he just provides amusement, like a crazy old uncle locked in his rec room, typing and muttering about all of the people out to get him. Too bad he's not important enough for it, and that he doesn't even know it."

Another money quote from Rall:

"the fact is that the political blogs are dominated by the hard right. Such a development might have served as a laudable counterbalance during the 1930s, a period of liberal political hegemony. But when talk radio, cable television news, and all three branches of the federal and most state governments are under the control of the right, the blogger wolf pack merely serves to further ossify a dangerously out of whack ideological imbalance."

Why is it dangerous that are country is politically imbalanced? Would Rall think it dangerous if his ideology was actually main stream and popular?

Cable television news is under the control of the right? Last time I checked Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Ted Turner weren't really lap dogs for Karl Rove.

Rall somehow graduated from Columbia after dropping out for 6 years. So much for an Ivy League education.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

UPDATE: If you want you see what Sullivan said to get Rall upset and think about suing - you can read it here.

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