Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Past pieces on Terri Schiavo

A good old piece by Deroy Murdock in the National Review.

It contains some factoids I couldn't recall ever hearing like:

"After wining control of Terri's treatment, plus medical malpractice and other legal awards totaling some $1.6 million, Michael had Terri's cats, Shanna and Tolly, put to sleep."


Michael Schiavo "told attorneys in November 1992 that he took Terri's engagement and wedding rings and 'made a ring for myself.'"

This story at World Net Daily described Terri's reaction when she was told that she might die.

Another story about how Terri and her teeth have been neglected.

Doesn't it seem odd that a man who acts like he wants what is best for his wife and is just trying to fulfill her wishes would kill her cats, take her ring, and let her be so badly neglected? Even if Terri did say she wanted not to be keep alive by being feed via a tube, wouldn't she still want to be taken care of until the time of her death?

Was it Terri's wish that her teeth not be taken care of?

Blogicus has more on Michael's "care" for Terri.

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