Friday, February 25, 2005

Just when you thought Planned Parenthood couldn't get any worse

Planned Parenthood's sex site for teens (and younger), is featuring an article with a link from their front page regarding statutory rape and underage girls having sex with older men. One of the links in the article was to a site called Age of Consent, which seems to be run by pedophiles (which is why I'm not linking to it directly). Dawn Eden discovered the article yesterday and posted on it and the link to the Age of Consent web site.

Since then the paragraph that included the link to the Age of Consent web site has been taken down. Paul at Catholic Cadet was kind enough to go cache diving and found the original article. He has posted it here.

How many children accessed this link to the Age of Consent web site and then clicked on other pages and found "dozens upon dozens of articles offering justification for having sex with children and viewing child pornography?"

Also notice how the author's name has changed from Terry Miller Shannon to Juhie Bhatia. Maybe Terry Miller Shannon didn't want her career ruined. She has her own website and has written numerous other articles for the Teenwire site.


  1. So maybe Terry Miller Shannon's book "Tub Toys" isn't a how-to guide for the NAMBLA set?

    If I were her, I'd like to see some sort of correction or explanation posted on Teenwire.

  2. Hey Saint Kansas,
    Probably not a NAMBLA how-to-guide? Weird how a children's book author is writing about age of consent for Teenwire.

    Do you think Teenwire just uses her name or do you think she wrote the article and they're trying to protect her?

    I think Screwtape will be doing a triple salchow before Teenwire apologizes.