Thursday, February 17, 2005

Black History Month

During February Planned Parenthood has been celebrating Black History Month. Their inexplicably horrible entry today features a black doctor, Edgar Keemer, who started illegally aborting black unborn children in 1938. Isn't it great that Planned Parenthood is celebrating Black History Month by featuring the story of a man that illegally killed black children? Hip-hip-hooray! Let's celebrate black history by cheering a man that made sure numerous black children would never get to be a part of recorded history or get to celebrate black history.

The article declares Keemer and other abortionists that broke the law to be the "unsung heroes of the reproductive rights movement." Gag me. Isn't crazy how Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations declare how dangerous abortion was before Roe vs. Wade but then celebrate the people that were performing these dangerous "back-alley" abortions as heroes? Oh wait. Keemer is probably considered great because he was providing "safe" abortions while numerous other quack doctors were providing dangerous abortions. Oh ok, that's makes a lot of sense.

This part really gets me, "Their crime? Providing safe abortions at a time when they were illegal." Their crime? Breaking the law. Good golly! How dare the police arrest someone for breaking the law.

Here is something I wish Planned Parenthood or NARAL (especially since they want to reduce abortion) would talk about during Black History Month: the over representation of Black women at abortion clinics.

According to the CDC (table 1), Black women had 36.6% of our nation's abortions in 2001 even though African-Americans were only 12.3% of our nation's population according to the 2000 census.

In Michigan, Black women get 38.2% of the state's abortions yet African-Americans are only 14.2% of Michigan's population.

In New York, Black women get 42.1% of the state's abortions yet African-Americans are only 15.9% of New York's population.

In North Carolina, women of a minority race get 50.4% of the state's abortions yet people who aren't white are only 27.9% of North Carolina's population.

In Virginia, Black women get 41.2% of the state's abortions yet African-Americans are only 19.6% of Virginia's population.

The list goes on and on and on. The over representation of Black women and unborn Black children at abortion clinics is an enormous problem. There are more than 400,000 abortions performed on Black women each year. There have probably been more than 14 million black unborn children who have been aborted since 1973.

What kind of history could those children have made? We'll probably never know.

UPDATE: Dawn Eden has more on Planned Parenthood's roots.


  1. This was an interesting article... especially considering that the people, facts and statistics seem to have been randomly selected to help the author make his case! For the record, the doctor mentioned was a respected physician who choose to interpret the law (as applicable then) from his patient's point of view. And he DID go to prison (, loose his practice and suffer humiliation for exercising his rights as a free-thinking intellectual. All this, in the bastion of "freedom" and "democracy"!

    Further, the author speaks about the "millions" of unborn Black children and the impact they could have made on American society. Very commendable, if you choose to ignore reality. Is it really possible that American society could have not only borne these millions of new citizens, but also educated, trained and equipped them to be responsible citizens? Especially since the real-life statistics, with many many fewer millions, still are hopelessly depressing?

  2. Now this is some great pro-choice thinking. He didn't break the law - he was just "exercising his rights as a free-thinking individual."

    Did I say he didn't go to prison?

    And yes, Gaurav it is possible that we could have educated and made them responsible citizens. Do you think it would be impossible because of the color of their skin? Since the "statistics" are so "hopelessly depressing" why don't we just kill more Black children who are born? I mean, if everything is so "hopelessly depressing" because we can't educate these children why not kill the born children as well?

  3. Why not kill them? That's right - because they are human beings - just like the unborn.

    How does the fact that not every human being gets educated and equipped to be a responsible citizen lead us to think that it should be okay to kill some human beings?