Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Euthanasia - Vox Apologia

I somehow missed the Vox Apologia on Euthanasia but I came across it when attempting to meet my neighbors on the Evangelical Blogroll.

Sonspot offers up this great post regarding euthanasia and provides the needed perspective of someone who cares for the elderly and is against assisted suicide.

The entry by RazorsKiss is also quite worthy of linkage.

The thing that I always find interesting about the pro-assisted suicide movement is their focus on the "choice" of patient when in reality it would always be the doctor's choice if the patient lived or died. The doctor is the one who would decide if the patient is competent enough to make a decision regarding their death. The doctor would decide if the patient just might be depressed or if they might need a second opinion. The doctor is the one who would choose if he or she feels comfortable prescribing drugs to bring about the death of the patient. The doctor is the one who would decide if the family is trying to encourage the patient to end their life.

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