Friday, February 18, 2005

Debating Dean

Howard Dean had his first debate last night in Portland as the new Democratic chairman vs. Richard Perle on national defense/the war in Iraq.

A left-of-center blogger New Frames blogged about it here.

The debate was interrupted at one point when an audience member threw a shoe at Perle and called him a "(expletive) liar!"

New Frames liked the following points by Dean:

"We don't have a strong defense policy when we're dependent on Saudi Arabia for our energy needs."

"His response was that the GOP won, not because they are stronger on defense, but because they were better at framing themselves as being stronger and the Dems as being weaker."

"He believes we need to have better trade agreements that help promote freedom."

New Frames, however, wasn't as upbeat about things like this from Perle:

"He said that one day people will look back at the US invasion of Iraq as the turning point in history where freedom began to spread to the rest of the oppressed regions of the world. He insisted that US style democracy in Iraq is the seed to freedom and security for all."

At first Dean requested a media blackout but then quickly changed his mind. Powerline says the "debate" will air next week Saturday. I'm bummed I don't have cable.

UPDATE: A commenter at Wizbang quotes Austin Powers: "Who throws a shoe?"

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