Monday, February 21, 2005

Quick links

Amy Welborn posts a reader's question/take on a possible Senate race between Rick Santorum and Bob Casey Jr. Some commenters think that Casey might be holding on to the coattails of his father's prolife credentials. When Casey was running for governor of Pennsylvania versus Ed Rendell in 2002, he had the support of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation while NARAL spent money on television ads supporting Rendell. To get the support of a state prolife organization Casey would have most likely needed to fill out a questionnaire regarding his views on abortion and its legality.

The United Nations General Assembly's legal committee has voted to ban all forms of human cloning. More info at The Thing Is and LifeNews.

Prolife Blogs points us to this column by Barbara Simpson about Terri Schiavo.

There's more at the Blogs for Terri Aggregator including this piece by Hyscience which features quotes from the book by Michael Schiavo's euthanasia advocate/attorney George Felos. Whacky indeed.

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