Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"You'll be able to see arms and stuff...."

UPDATE: For some reason or another the following article is no longer on the Yale Daily News web site.

What kind of person can say something like this:
"It's not as scary as it seems. It's just blood and mucus," Khoury said, referring to the fetus remains in the device. She added, "You'll be able to see arms and stuff, but still just minuscule."
The speaker is Rasha Khoury, a member of the Yale Medical Students for Choice and someone who wants to be an abortionist.

Later on in the article, Khoury notes that not all women feel relief after an abortion.
"Often times, women are crying and cursing and saying they're going to hell," Khoury said. "It may be a quick and easy medical procedure, but it definitely is a very involved social-medical procedure."

HT: The Corner

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