Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kevorkian's speech in Florida

Here's a couple of news stories about Kevorkian's speech at the University of Florida. They paid $50,000 for the rantings of a crazy old man. Besides speaking out against voting, noting his oppositions to prisons and comparing himself to Thomas Jefferson, Kevorkian claimed "he helped kill about one out of every five patients who asked to die. The ones he turned away didn't show enough medical evidence to justify ending their lives."

If this is true (it's obviously not), one is left to wonder what medical evidence Kevorkian needed to justify assisting in suicides. The majority of the people he killed weren't terminally ill. Some, like Marjorie Wantz and Rebecca Badger, didn't even have the medical conditions they claimed to have had. I guess when reality isn't on your side, you just make something up for sympathy and hope no one checks the record.

Too bad nobody asked him any of Wesley Smith's suggested questions.

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