Friday, January 25, 2008

Life Links 1/25/08

Proponents of legalizing the killing of human embryos for research in Michigan are planning on raising $10 million to $20 million for a constitutional ballot initiative. Their current fundraising will need a boost to get them to those numbers.

Scientists have located stem cells in the pancreases of mice.

In an interesting piece at the RH Reality Check Blog, Frances Kissling kindly corrects a previous deceptive post at the RH blog by Marcy Bloom about abortion in Spain. She also provides the definition of "health" in Doe v. Bolton and says the Supreme Court "defined the health exception quite broadly."

American Right to Life is attacking Ann Coulter for endorsing Mitt Romney. They make a variety of claims about Mitt Romney in a press release which claims that corroborating links are at this web page but when you go to the web page there aren't any corroborating links to prove their charges. Apparently, American Right to Life believes the road to ending legal abortion in 12 years is paved by paying for television attack ads on Fox News aimed at Mitt Romney.

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