Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I just can't understand people like Lauren Bull

At the RH Reality Check Blog she writes,
That's not okay with me. I consider myself a sex-positive person and I truly do not care whether someone is sexually active or not. But I do care when it involves children and young people who are not equipped with the knowledge to protect themselves.

I hate the idea that middle school students are having sex. But what I hate even more is that we aren't helping them be safe about it because we think they're too young.

If our fourth graders are participating in oral sex, we have no choice but to teach them how to be safe.
No choice? Really? We can't take any steps to prevent fourth graders from having oral sex? We can't tell them oral sex is completely inappropriate behavior for children of that age? We can't separate children who are participating in oral sex from each other and make sure they aren't together without supervision? We can't contact the parents to try to figure out where a child of this age is learning this kind of behavior?

For the life of me, I can't understand adults who think like this. It's like they've been clubbed to death with a stupid stick.

Bull continues,
But we also need to figure out what is driving this trend and how to stop it. Our children deserve better. We need to fix this issue before we're forced to teach every eight-year old how to put on a condom.
We also need? How about we make that the priority? How about we stop this kind of behavior instead of teaching children how to "safely" act inappropriately? Can eight-year-olds even understand how to correctly use condoms? Also notice the "before we're forced" line. It's as if she thinks that if a large portion of eight-year-olds begin to have sex then society will have no other options and we will be forced to teach little kids who should be playing on a jungle-gym how to use condoms.

Bull also can't help from contradicting herself. She says she doesn't care whether someone is sexually active or not (as long as the are equipped to protect themselves) but then says she hates the idea of middle schoolers having sex. It's like they can on one level recognize how wrong it is for little kids to be having sex but then on another level their "sex-positive"-we-can't-judge-or-stop-them-so-focus-on-safety ideology takes over.

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