Monday, January 14, 2008

Life Links 1/14/08

Researchers hope to use adult stem cells to create functioning organs for human beings in 10 years. They've already created beating rat heart in the lab removing "all the cells from a dead rat heart, leaving the valves and outer structure as scaffolding for new heart cells injected from newborn rats. Within two weeks, the cells formed a new beating heart that conducted electrical impulses and pumped a small amount of blood."

The pro-choice group the Republican Majority for Choice is going after Mitt Romney in Michigan for changing his position on abortion. The ads seem to be targeted at prolife Republicans.

Authorities in South Africa have discovered the horrible conditions some illegal abortion providers operate in. Abortion is legal in South Africa but some individuals (in this case immigrants from Uganda and Mozambique who aren't doctors will perform illegal, cheap abortions.
Conditions were extremely unhygienic.

"Everything that had been used was still on the floor."

Modingoane said boxes with tablets to induce labour, a number of used condoms, and gloves - some with blood still on them were some of the articles found.

Blood stains could be seen on the floors.

"In one room were panties with blood stains all over."

Modingoane said police were investigating what happened to the foetuses.

He said people using the building had spoken of finding a foetus next to a dustbin.

Prolifers are trying to disrupt Giuliani's events in Florida.

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