Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Life Links 1/8/08

Abortion clinics in Spain are striking because the country is cracking down on illegal abortions which are occurring in Spain. I'm not sure how the strike is going to help their cause. "Let us perform illegal abortion or we won't perform legal ones" doesn't seem that persuasive to me. How does that influence prosecutors? I only wish the strike would last longer than 5 days.

"The Association of Clinics Accredited for the Interruption of Pregnancies" is the name of the organization organizing the strike. I think abortion providers do a little more than interrupt a pregnancy. It's not like they interrupt a pregnancy and then that pregnancy continues at a later date.

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal of the Sixth Circuit Court's ruling which struck down Michigan's Legal Birth Definition Act.

Scientists have begun applying for federal grants to do research on induced pluripotent stem cells. Geron's Thomas Okarma lays down a whopper in the article.
Chief Executive Officer Thomas Okarma said Geron, one of the largest embryonic stem cell companies in the U.S. by market size, won't invest in the non-embryonic method because it's ``too complicated and too expensive.''
Yeah, because the embryonic method is so much easier and cheaper.

Women in the UK have been selected to get half-priced IVF treatments for donating half of their eggs for human cloning experiments. The researchers seem to have selected women based on which women were likely to produce more eggs.

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