Thursday, January 10, 2008

Life Links 1/10/08

A man in Michigan named Daniel Jarrett II kill his unborn child after he punched and kicked the abdomen of his 6-month-pregnant girlfriend after they had an argument about getting an abortion. He wanted her to have an abortion, she didn't.
"She got into an argument with the boyfriend about getting an abortion," said Karrick.

As the discussion became increasingly heated, Karrick said that the suspect grabbed the pregnant woman by the throat, threw her to the ground, and punched and kicked her repeatedly in the abdomen. She subsequently lost the baby, which was delivered dead on Saturday.
A television station in Detroit has an article which claims the man has been charged but it isn't specific about if he has been charged for the assault on his girlfriend or the killing of his child or both.

ABC News' Jake Tapper is reporting on how the GOP is planning on using Obama's votes on Illinois' Born-Alive Infant Protection law against him. He includes links to the text of the legislation and Obama's horrible defense of his reprehensible votes.

Huffington Post writer Susan Smalley tries to address her inconsistency about being against eating chicken eggs because they have the "potential to become an embryo" but being in favor of killing human embryos and fetuses.

John Miller interviews Robert George about his book - Embryo: A Defense of Human Life.

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