Monday, January 28, 2008

Life Links 1/28/08

Jason Dulles expands on my thoughts regarding the bodily autonomy argument and late-term abortions.

Rita Marker and Wesley Smith are interviewed in separate segments by Focus on the Family.

Here's a story about another illegal abortion clinic in South Africa.
We met Maama Mindi, who offered us "quick-fix" tablets that should be vaginally inserted and would, she claimed, dissolve the contents of the uterus.

"Trust me, it is safe. At six weeks it's not a baby yet, just blood," she told the Dispatch's investigation team inside a cramped room in the house, the walls of which were plastered with posters promoting "Quality, Reliable Herbal Remedies" offered by Mindi and a Professor Kamu from Kilimanjaro.

Brigitte Pellerin and Andrea Mrozek, founding members of have an editorial in the Ottawa Citizen where they discuss abortion in Canada and Flipsyde's song Happy Birthday.

Two groups of researchers used stem cells derived from bone marrow to treat animals who suffered strokes.

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