Thursday, January 10, 2008

Television investigation into an abortion clinic in Spain

A video which I believed aired sometime in 2007 on television station in Spain has been partially translated into English. The video is by a doctor working for the television station using a hidden camera as he gets a job at an abortion clinic. The abortion clinic uses the salt poisoning method to abort late term unborn children.

You can certainly file this under - "Why prolifers don't trust abortion providers." One of the abortionists admits their psychiatrists will sign off on any late term abortion and that many of the girls there for late term abortion are there for purely elective reasons. The New York Timessummarizes Spain's abortion law by saying,
Spain decriminalized abortion in 1985, and under current law women can have an abortion during the first 22 weeks of pregnancy if there is a risk of fetal malformation and the first 12 weeks in cases of rape. However, they are allowed to abort at any point if they can demonstrate that their mental or physical health is at risk.

The video is on YouTube here. There are some graphic images of aborted children being delivered towards the end of the video and the undercover doctor examines an aborted child of about 20 weeks gestation.

The conversation at the end of video where the undercover doctor examines an unborn child and talks with the abortionist isn't translated but I believe it goes something like this:

Undercover Doctor:And they are exactly 23 weeks?
Abortionist: This is 20, 21
A: But I never watch/look at them
UD: Never, never?
A: Never ever
UD: Why?
A: Because I don't like to
UD: It's clear you're a mother

HT: Jill Stanek and RealChoice

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