Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What motivates the prolife movement?

Well, according to ex-John Edwards' blogger Amanda Marcotte, it appears a variety of nefarious motives, none of which is actually extending basic human rights to unborn human beings, spur us on. (Some of the posts below might contain language which could be considered offensive by some.)

According to a post today, Marcotte claims,
"It's well understood that one of the primary motivations of the anti-abortion movement is generating a steady supply of white babies into the adoption market."

Last week, Marcotte believed prolifers were "primarily motivated" by a "desire to control sexual expression, especially female sexual expression."

Two weeks ago, it was all about virginity. Prolife men don't care about unborn children, they want to make sure women are virgins on their wedding nights. This, of course, is part of the "larger social agenda, which is controlling women." I'm not sure if this extends to the numerous women who lead prolife organizations.

Seven months ago, Marcotte revealed the "true intentions" of prolifers were "to punish and control women, and it has nothing to do with babies" because authorities in Pennslyvania arrested a woman for the abuse of a corpse after she stored her apparently miscarried child inside her freezer.

With our "true intentions" being to "punish and control women," our "primary motivations" being to generate a "steady supply of white babies" for adoption and to "control sexual expression" and our "larger social agenda" being focused on "controlling women," I wonder why we spend so much time on things like embryonic stem cell research and end-of-life issues?

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