Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sanctity of Human Life Day 2008 Life Links

Family Research Council has a live feed of the Blogs for Life conference, though it is currently not working for me.

Justin Taylor interviews Robert George about Roe v. Wade and abortion.
Let's give up on no one. Let us treat everyone, even our opponents in this profound moral struggle, with respect, civility, and ungrudging love. Loving witness is something all of us can give. And lovingly witnessing in our churches and communities to the sanctity of human life is something all of us are called to do.

Scott Klusendorf summarizes Robert George's and Christopher Tollefsen new book - Embryo: A Defense of Human Life. Meanwhile, Marvin Olasky interviews George and Tollefsen about the book.

Nancy Gibb has a piece in Time discussing the various probable reasons why abortion rates have fallen.

Kate Michelman and Frances Kissling have an editorial in the LA Times where they admit, "Advocates of choice have had a hard time dealing with the increased visibility of the fetus. The preferred strategy is still to ignore it and try to shift the conversation back to women. At times, this makes us appear insensitive, a bit too pragmatic in a world where the desire to live more communitarian and "life-affirming" lives is palpable." They close by writing,
If pro-choice values are to regain the moral high ground, genuine discussion about these challenges needs to take place within the movement. It is inadequate to try to message our way out of this problem. Our vigorous defense of the right to choose needs to be accompanied by greater openness regarding the real conflict between life and choice, between rights and responsibility. It is time for a serious reassessment of how to think about abortion in a world that is radically changed from 1973.
I know Kissling has said this type of thing before but it seems to be a rather stunning admission (that there's actually a real conflict between life and choice and the pro-choice movement needs a serious reassessment regarding how they think about abortion) from the former head of NARAL.

Planned Parenthood plans on getting more involved in the 2008 elections.

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