Thursday, January 17, 2008

Life Links 1/17/08

Jack Kevorkian is clearly a crazy, angry old man. Here's a video of what appears to be an interview done by someone (possibly a student) at the University of Florida with Kevorkian before Kevorkian's recent speech. What an odd society we live in that someone like this gets paid more than many people make in a year to give a speech for an hour. If I was an assisted suicide advocate, I'd be doing whatever I could to make sure this guy stays out of the spotlight.

UPDATE:Here's an article that has a large number of quotes from Kevorkian's speech. I feel immense pity for anyone who listened to Kevorkian's speech and thought like one quoted student that Kevorkian is "very knowledgeable about everything."

HT: Wesley Smith

Justin Taylor has posted an interview with Scott Klusendorf about Scott's upcoming book, the rational basis for the prolife position and his favorite prolife books.

A Michigan Senate committee has approved a legislation which would become a state ban on partial-birth abortion. The legislation now will come before the full Michigan Senate. The legislation definition of partial-birth abortion mirrors the federal ban's definition.

Researchers have been able to stop the growth of human melanoma in mice by attacking cancer stem cells.

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