Monday, January 07, 2008

Life Links 1/7/08

The Los Angeles Times has a Stephanie Simon article about how abortion can effect men.

High courts in China have agreed to hear the case of a woman who was forcibly aborted at 9 months.
Jin Yani's waters had already broken when China's abortion police came for her. They took her to a nearby abortion centre, injected her unborn baby girl and removed the body two days later.

Mrs Jin's crime was to have become pregnant by her fiance five months before she married him at the age of 20, the legal minimum.

Doctors in Dallas have used umbilical cord stem cells taken after a child's birth to help treat the child's neuroblastoma
Doctors are hoping the healthy stem cells will replace the ones that have been damaged by the cancer, which has spread to his bones, liver and bone marrow.

Treatment with stem cells is still experimental and has been rarely used on someone suffering from neuroblastoma. "It's either the second or third time it's ever been done in the world," said Joel Weinthal, Caden's doctor.

The New Scientist has a preview of an article about how some researchers are using adult stem cells from healthy donors to treat graft v. host disease in children who received bone marrow transplants.

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