Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Life Links 1/15/08

Michigan tops American United for Life's list of the most prolife states for the third year in a row. AUL's web site has updated information about each state's legislation on life issues.

British scientists claim creating and killing human-animal hybrid clones for their stem cell has (my emphasis) "massive potential to provide treatments for serious debilitating disorders ranging from developmental abnormalities in young children, to stroke, cancer, HIV/Aids, diabetes and Parkinson's disease, as well as better and safer treatment for infertile couples."

What a massive amount of cow manure! The sad thing is that in 10 years I doubt British citizens will remember how much they were lied to by scientists.

MIRS News (a political news service out of Lansing which requires a subscription to get online articles) claims today the petition drive to legalize the killing of human embryos in Michigan is "A Go." Apparently, they're still drafting language and they're going to go for a constitutional amendment. Going for a constitutional amendment (as opposed to merely just passing legislation) is typically seen as harder because a segment of the population doesn't like messing with the Michigan constitution because it's harder to change.

The article lays out two options for the Stem Cell Research Ballot Question Committee. They can go for regular legislation where they'd need to "collect 304,101 signatures by May 28 to put the question before the Legislature. If lawmakers reject or take no action on the question, it goes before the voters in November for adoption" or the constitutional amendment where they'd need "to get 380,126 signatures" by July 7.

Either way they seem to be cutting it close on time especially since they don't have their language drafted or approved (the approval process can take a little time) and they don't have any type of grassroots network. I think they're going to need a bunch of cash to pay professional petition circulators to collect signatures.

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