Thursday, August 02, 2007

Abortionist at Daily Kos seems to have lost his mind

In his latest post focusing on religion at the Daily Kos, an abortion provider who goes by the pseudonym of Beket claims my blog is a "Roman Catholic ‘pro-life' site" (note to Beket - I'm not Catholic) and claims that someone at my blog and possibly even me (he links to my blog as the author) wrote:
"When dealing with the likes of Beket, you really aren't even speaking with people. These guys have been completely taken over by demons. Not influenced (like many people who are pro-choice), but actually taken when you are arguing with them, you are arguing with a preternatural being. Picture Screwtape. You're just a game to this guy. Just a demon passing time...and you are his little toy...they won't respond to logic, or conscience...what they need is an exorcism!

Except here are the links to the three posts on my blog where Beket is mentioned. I can see nothing in any of these posts or the comments to them where someone says what Beket claims someone says about him. I don't even see anything close. Maybe that's why he doesn't link to where someone supposedly said this about him.

But then again, this is same guy who said Mother Teresa was a "poverty pimp" and compared women having abortions to angels getting their wings.

In the comments of this post, Beket notes he made a mistake linking to my blog as the author of a above comment. The comment in question came from a commenter named MK at this post at Jill Stanek's blog (sorry - no direct links to comments - it occurred at July 24 at 2:28 p.m.). On July 25 at 7:12 a.m., MK notes in the comments of the same post that she sent an e-mail to Beket apologizing for that comment and others.

Jay has some comments regarding Beket's post on religion.

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