Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"the baby that we decided not to have will never be replaced"

See my story, hear my words is the blog of a post-abortive woman from Canada who, in various entries, discusses her abortion, her feelings after the abortion and her relationship with the father. From the entries, it appears she had the abortion in January. In one entry she writes,
I am conflicted because although I know I made the right decision, more so now than ever, I believe abortion to be one of the most unnatural things a woman can do to herself. It feels inherently wrong. It contradicts our biological determinism, which might be the most powerful of our driving forces in life.

I am sad just because I am. Sometimes I miss what I barely ever had.

In another:
I will not allow my feelings to be invalidated anymore, by myself or by others. I am not wrong or out of line. I have been strong. There was life inside of me and we chose to take it away. Although a swift decision, it is not, nor should it be, an easy one. Trying to be "tough" and deal with it on my own was to my own detriment.....

Who in their right mind would ever treat abortion so callously? It is not something to be forgotten in a matter of days, weeks or even months. It is something that doesn't need to make or break you, but that will and should be with you forever. And as a man, even though it may feel far removed, or even if your romantic interests are waning, it was still you implanted inside of me. It was your genes mixing with mine to create another. Grasp that concept. Consider its magnitude. Think about it in the reality that it exists. Does it still not require your attention? Your time? How many things are more important in life than facing the consequences of terminating an extension of you?

I couldn't help but read the entire blog.

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