Thursday, August 23, 2007

Probably one of the worst researched articles on stem cell research ever

This one is by Naomi Havlen and is in the Aspen Times. It's an article about a woman who was supposedly treated with human embryonic stem cells in India. Other embryonic stem cell researchers are very skeptical of Dr. Geeta Shroff's claims that she is using human embryonic stem cells (supposedly all from a single human embryo) to successfully treat patients from a variety of ailments. The mainstream pro-embryonic stem cell research community basically thinks Dr. Shroff is quack. Yet, that is never once mentioned in the article.

But the most inaccurate sentence has to be when Havlen writes,
Use of embryonic stem cells is illegal in the United States, primarily because of ethical arguments about whether developing the cells means destroying human embryos.
How little research do you have to put into an article to claim the use of embryonic stem cells is illegal in the United States?

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