Monday, August 13, 2007

What has happened to Midland?

Midland Daily News Editor Jack Telfer has a column this week addressing objections to his previous column on embryonic stem cell research. His second column on this subject has led some of the individuals he addressed to comment online.

Some of the people commenting on the editorial seem to like using the Caps Lock button. I have the hardest time understanding people who use Caps Lock for certain sentences or paragraphs. Do they think capitalizing entire sentences adds to the validity of their argument? Do they think display of online emotion makes their message more persuasive?

Also, notice how those opposed to Telfer's view that human embryos are living human beings (and that human beings in embryonic stage of development have value) attack this as a religious belief (seemingly because they think religious beliefs are wholly subjective) when I see nothing in either of Telfer's column arguing this belief based on religion or scripture.

William Bohnow even claims, "ONLY a person using religion buys into" the idea that the life of a human being begins at conception "(or) would even bring it into a discussion."

Another commenter, Kathy Lentz, asserts that "sperm and ova are living organisms" after claiming that "(u)ntil a fetus reaches the stage where it can survive outside the body of it's parent, it is essentially a parasite."

I wonder if Serge has any thoughts on the views of some of his fellow area residents?

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