Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Killing them softly for stem cells

ABC News is the first big media outlets I've seen to cover the story of StemLifeLine. StemLifeLine is a company which parents (who have gone through IVF) can pay to kill their embryonic children and store their children's embryonic stem cells for themselves. ABC News phrases what StemLifeLine does by saying,
StemLifeLine allows families to "develop" remaining embryos into "personalized stem cell lines," the first theoretical step in creating cures for a host of debilitating and deadly diseases.
StemLifeLine's defense of itself doesn't quite hold water.
StemLifeLine is keen to point out that only remaining embryos would be used to create stem cell lines and no embryos would be created solely for the purpose of making lines.
So killing your embryonic children for their stem cells is okay as long when you created them you didn't intend to kill them for their stem cells. "We didn't mean to kill them for our own selfish reasons when they were conceived so killing them is okay, right?"

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