Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life Links 8/16/07

I wonder why FoxNews' felt the need to include "(as yet unstarted)" in this article describe the life of Bubba Waring, an unborn child with a FaceBook page. HT: Reflections of a Paralytic

Alfonzo Price (a 15-year-old) has been charged with murder and a judge recently ruled there is probably cause to go ahead with murder charges after Price and a friend allegedly beat Price's then-girlfriend Kerria Anderson, who was 8-months pregnant, and killed her unborn child. According to Anderson, Price told her, "You should have got an abortion; now your baby is going to die," during the attack.

"Your baby?" Price didn't seem to realize at the time of the assault that he was killing his own child.

Canadian researchers have found that there are "multiple subtypes of blood stem cells." This discovery could lead to more customized adult stem cell transplants.
Understanding more about the different subtypes will mean that eventually, patients diagnosed with leukemia -- a blood cancer -- will be treated with transplants of stem cells that are matched to their own needs.

Aberrant, or mutated stem cells, will be removed and replaced with healthy types of stem cells that patients need more of. Transplanting such tailored stem cell subtypes would potentially make bone marrow transplants more effective, he said.

Wesley Smith on the "Feed Me" attitude of embryonic stem cell researchers.
I would also note that if billions have gone into the research so far, with limited progress due to ESCR's difficulty and complexity, imagine the cost of trying to bring this form of regenerative medicine to the clinical setting. And the time it will take.

Should this headline, "Study Finds Abortion Pill Safe", really be there when the article states,
The current data show that women who use mifepristone are no better or worse off than those who choose surgical abortion, but the study didn't measure either group against women who have never had an abortion.
Wouldn't a more appropriate headline be something like, "Study Finds Abortion Pill as Safe as Surgical Abortion?"

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