Friday, August 10, 2007

Life Links 8/10/07

Some prolife groups in Michigan are suing Governor Jennifer Granholm for using the state of Michigan's web site to promote her political agenda to legalize the killing of human embryos in Michigan. The link to the deceptive petition (which never mentions what the legislation would legalize human cloning for research or the killing of human embryos) was formerly (at least as late as May 2) at the homepage of state of Michigan's web site on the left hand side but is no longer there. I have no clue when it was taken down or if it was taken down in response to this lawsuit. The introduction to the petition is no longer found on the server either. But here's the cached copy in case you're interested. The petition which is still online though the web address may have changed.

I also wonder if "Christian activist organization" is fair way to describe the Thomas More Law Center. It's almost as if the reporter, Chris Christoff, might have a bias.

The Health Systems Trust in South Africa has a new way of not "neglect(ing)" pregnant women with HIV. Make a greater effort to promote abortion.

The New York Times and reporter Monica Davey should really try to get a better grasp of what "therapeutic" cloning is.
Supporters of the amendment outspent opponents by a wide margin. Within hours of the vote, opponents said they would fight on, focusing their attention narrowly on one element of the research, known as therapeutic cloning or somatic cell nuclear transfer, in which the nucleus of a mature cell is transplanted into an egg cell, which would then produce stem cells.
Would it produce stem cells or would it produce a cloned human embryo which could then be killed for her stem cells?

Meanwhile, the adult stem cell company Mesoblast is continuing to see good results with heart patients.

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