Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Life Links 8/22/07

Wesley Smith on cloned monkey fetal farming

A prolife group in the Show Me State is fighting back against human cloning for research. As usual, the headlines don't match the story (which actually describes the cloning technique). The story in the Kansas City Star by Kit Wagar and the descriptions ("cloning of human cells" and "research technique used to grow early stem cells") of what opponents are hoping to ban are awful. Kit has been writing this kind of garbage for a while.

More pro-choice tolerance.
Shawn R. Pawlak, 24, and Kelly L. Mahan, 27, who live on the 100 block of North Oakhurst Drive, blocks from the clinic, confronted abortion protesters early Sunday outside the construction site, police said. They shouted obscenities at protesters and kicked small white crosses that had been placed in the parkway, police said.

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