Wednesday, May 30, 2007

One abortion provider's thoughts on Mother Teresa

Beket is the name of a Daily Kos diarist who claims to be an abortion provider. One of his diaries entries even claims he performed an abortion on the president of the prolife organization on campus (I strongly doubt the veracity of that claim). Anyway, I was scrolling through the comments of one of Beket's post and found this gem of a quote from him:
Ludicrous? If you mean that you regard Pope John Paul II as an example of empathy and compassion and not the slavishly authoritarian tyrant he was (as Rebecca pointed out so well in a comment above), well, I agree that is ludicrous.

Don't get me started on Pope JP II. Or the poverty-pimp of Calcutta, Mother Teresa.
Putting aside the attack on Pope John Paul II, how disturbed does an individual have to be to call Mother Teresa a "poverty-pimp?"

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