Friday, June 30, 2006

Missouri Cloning Lies

Colleen Carroll Campbell has an article in the Weekly Standard that was posted today on the Ethics and Public Policy Center's web site regarding the deceptive "cloning ban" in Missouri.

Key paragraph (my emphasis):
Connie Farrow, spokesperson for the Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures, cites those rulings as proof that the ballot language is clear enough for voters. When asked how the initiative can be said to ban human cloning while allowing the cloning of human embryos for research, Farrow says, "Creating stem cells in a lab dish to cure disease and save life is not the same thing as cloning a human being." Pressed to identify the source of the embryonic stem cells in her hypothetical lab dish, she adds, "I believe it's a cloned organism. I don't believe it's the same thing as a baby. . . . And the majority of scientists agree with me."
No shame. No shame at all.

Life Links 5/3/06
"Common sense meanings?" Why not just be truthful?

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